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Shukri Yusof C.A.(M)

Partner, Technology and Innovation

Shukri Yusof, a distinguished accountant and business leader, commenced his professional journey after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the esteemed University Putra Malaysia in 2009. His initial venture into the realm of accounting saw him as an audit assistant in a dynamic medium-sized audit firm in Petaling Jaya.

In a strategic move to expand his skill set, Shukri transitioned to Micro Secretarial, an influential firm based in Ipoh, in 2009. Here, he accrued invaluable experience, bolstering his industry knowledge and proficiency, thereby readying himself to embrace larger corporate challenges.

In 2011, Shukri embarked on a pivotal chapter in his career, joining Sime Darby, one of Malaysia's most prominent multinational conglomerates, with diverse interests ranging from plantations and property to motors, industrial sectors, and logistics across more than 20 countries. As an Accounting Specialist, he meticulously managed the general ledger for the Sime Darby Motors and Sime Darby Property divisions until 2013.

After a brief sabbatical, Shukri further broadened his experience at Qiaraniaga, an industry-leading firm, where he served as an Accountant. He showcased his expertise in developing and maintaining the cutting-edge accounting software, “Qiraniaga”.

Capitalizing on his extensive and diverse experience, Shukri took the entrepreneurial leap to establish Shukri & Co., Chartered Accountants, also known as "SYNCO". This professional accounting firm, registered with The Malaysian Institute of Accountants, offers an innovative approach to handling accounting tasks, providing clients with exceptional service and insight.

Shukri's unparalleled expertise has proven indispensable. Since becoming part of the PACCT Network, he has introduced numerous innovative ideas, influencing and guiding other practitioners within their respective firms. His immense contributions stand as a testament to his dedication and professional acumen.

In a significant acknowledgement of his leadership capabilities and industry influence, Shukri was elected as the President of the PACCT Consortium. Entrusted with this pivotal role, he is charged with leading the consortium and formulating and executing strategic plans. His visionary approach and strategic insights aim to ensure the consortium's continual growth and enhancement. Shukri's presidency not only adds another feather to his cap, but also reinforces his commitment to improving the accounting industry as a whole.

Shukri Yusof C.A.(M)
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