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Mr. Georg Wander

Georg Wander is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience spanning banking, trust administration, management consultancy, and business development. His career commenced in the banking industry in Portugal, where he spent a solid 20 years honing his financial acumen before setting his sights on new horizons.

Fluent in English, Portuguese, and German, Georg possesses a diverse and international clientele, predominantly located in Europe. This linguistic proficiency, coupled with his financial expertise, has positioned him as a trusted advisor across various markets.

In 2011, his career trajectory led him to Singapore. Entranced by its vibrant culture and economic potential, Georg founded the InterGest Worldwide franchise in the city-state. Since then, under his astute leadership, the franchise has not only thrived but also expanded into Malaysia and Vietnam.

As the founder of InterGest SG PTE. LTD., Georg has made a significant impact in the field of transnational structures, excelling in the planning and realization of such complex endeavors. His professional journey, enriched by extensive travels and engagements in Asia, has enabled him to build a robust network of contacts, strengthening his influence and reach.

Today, in 2023, Georg Wander continues to embody a blend of entrepreneurial passion, financial prowess, and strategic vision, further solidifying his position as a global business leader.

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